15 November, 2005

Much Ado

Much Ado


Impossible explain what I need to.  I am in haste.  Tomorrow Erin and I set sail for the Channel Islands off the coast from LA.  The last ominous obstacle of the NA coast is here: Point Conception.

The weather is currently mild, almost too much so.


But nothing else has been.  I lost my last crew in most spectacular fashion.   She went crazy.  It was so nice to have her gone, but she still needed to come back and pick up her bags.

Finally she did.  She was sane and normal and seeming to be the girl I once new.   All I hoped for was a nice parting after a stressful end to a relationship (~).  But, in the end, she flipped out, went crazy, and proceeded to try and beat the hell out of me.

A small boat is no place for a fight of any kind.  And she was ferocious, if not accurate or lethal with her blows.   She was so so so upset.  I've never seen or imagined anything of the sort.

So, in short, I was assaulted by a woman on my boat.  The police had to be called.   I had such a dramatic time getting her safely off the boat.  It was a debacle of the highest order and I was lucky not to find myself in jail.

I have some fine scratches on the back of my neck and hands to show for my effort.


The whole thing has frazzled my nerves:  How did I come to something like this?   This is not the time for me to give my theories or what-have-you.  I'm trying to leave for a trip.


I've gotten most everything.  The sun is slowly coming out and shining on me again, making me feel a bit safer about voyaging.

The drama has made me ready to leave, though a lot of people here will be missed----badly.  (Some not so much J)


Here is the Plan:


Tomorrow morning I right out the ebb tide.

We have a 300n. mile run to  San Miquel Island.  Thinking four days, but the wind is highly variable right now.   Could get becalmed, but I hope it is picking up.

From S. Miquel we will hope the islands down to Catalina, to "the one south of that", and then to San Diego.


A week and a half should be a minimum.

Worry after two and a half weeks, starting tomorrow.

But this should be a easy leg.  Ben and Moriah are leaving with us on Hubris.   Tillikum on the 19th, Dan and Sonya on the 22nd, and Brian is just in front of us.  Strength in numbers I hope.


So please so a little prayer; get a laugh out of my recent drama (I'm trying to), and have a happy Thanksgiving.




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02 November, 2005

week of hell


A Week of Hell followed by a week of progress.


My crewmate went crazy, literally, and is now gone.  It was hell.  She was totally off her rocker.

But now I have found other crew and am finishing with my job.  The boat projects are moving on well.   The weather is getting colder and I am starting to itch for the next leg.  I am planning on a week and a half from now, perhaps next Friday.

Is it bad luck to leave on a Friday??  Not sure.


I feel great.  Much better.  I was stressed and rather distraught last week.   I love living alone.