05 March, 2010

Cape Town to Antigua

Charlie B -
Heading out of Cape Town NOW.....!! Only possible time to get out.
Sorry for no notice. Will be at sea for a long, long long long time.
Two months solid sailing. Will try a stop in St Helena, a little
island 1200 miles from here. My destination is Antigua in the E
Caribbean. The trip will take over two months. Worry after three.
It should not have challenges in weather or traffic, I hope. Just
water management and fresh produce.

Man do I have a big smile on my face!!!

Wish me well.

And to Karin and all S. African friends : THANK YOU. I have now
seen the true beauty and heart of South Africa. And I won't forget

And Chris Sutton, Tell Nick i am only now leaving if you talk to him.
I am a little late. And thanks man, thanks for everything.