18 August, 2004

All sorts of nonesense....

Netscape on my bro's computer is a bit finicky. It took me days to figure it out - all my yahoo and blogger cites have been funky as hell.
I'm busy studying boats and finance. Each day is something new. I may leave and move to Charleston soon. A friend offered me a job cleaning boats for the Ocean Sailing Academy. Bottom of the food chain. At least I'd be back in the realm again. Breathe salt air.

I'm happy
I'm excited
I'm allergic
I'm lonely
I'm busy
I'm relaxed

All in all - life is great. My fingers are crossed.

09 August, 2004


I am now John, again, being that I am at home in the south where people don't name their children names like Jonah - John or William or James or any of the names of the disciples is a much safer bet.
So now anyone who knows me as Jonah better call me soon because I will miss it. I'll have an identity crisis or something.
It's not true. I'm moving forward nicely. I'm getting a lot done. It's real exciting actually. Things are going so well. My Dad is great. I had a nice talk with my brother Dibble today. I've been a bit of a hermit - but I've gotten a lot more done than I would have expected.
So I'm still Jonah.

My Digits:
128 Holliday Rd.
Columbia South Carolina
803. 788.5052
my cell is history, for now
don't call too too late - but call, I'm alone out here for god sake....

The Dancer is back. She revived by her own incentive...mostly. Hard to explain. Beautiful days spent cleaning the house, trashing old relics from childhood, uncluttering closets and cupboards.

NUP, SHE'S DEAD, again.

The Dancer fell back into her coma unexpectedly, as unexpectedly as she had awoken from it.
Oh well.
My room is about finished now. I have a few more pictures to hang. Tomorrow I will start on the project of creating a "gear room" out of the muck of what is now the "storage room." It is a black hole but has great potential. If Will gets into it we could do some real positive damage....

06 August, 2004


I just tragically lost my whole story about the last leg of my journey and haven't the energy to rewrite the entire thing.

The Dancer died. Just 100 miles to go. It died in Spartenburg. I friend in Greenville picked me up and let me borrow her car for a week or two - she went out of town to the Bahamas.
Charles and I are going to pick her up, the Dancer, this afternoon with a tow dolly.
So close. Pretty funny really. Lucky she died within rescue range. She actually had died the day before in Knoxville, but I had been able to get her fixed. But it wasn't enough to get her home.
I'm sorry I can't tell the story. It was so funny, and now it is gone forever. Alas!! The irony is that I lost it while I was trying to save it. I was highlighting all of the text to copy it as a backup when instead it all disappeared. I hadn't hit a thing. Vanished. I couldn't undo it; I couldn't retrieve the last page - nothing. Alas. If I had just hit the publish button it probably would have been fine. Damnit all!! That's the risk we take. It was bound to happen - just as the Dancer was bound to suffer.
Just as I'm bound to have allergies..............

When I arrived in Chigago, I drove through downtown toward the waterfront. There was no parking and people walking and shopping everywhere. Awesome skyscrapers. The traffic was rather knarly. I saw on my map that there was a planetarium and a museum near the Lake. I still hadn't gotten a hold of Elle or Jamie R so I thought a planetarium show would be a nice way to spend the day. Since I was a kid I have always loved star shows.
I saw a show called "The Stars of the Pharaohs." Still no calls and the day was starting to pass away. I napped by the Lake and read Eco. When evening came, I realized that Chicago wasn't the place I wanted to be driving around in at night. Two choices: wait here forElle to call or start driving up towards St Joseph and hope Jamie calls. At least the second option would get me out of the city and back on the highway. Also Jamie had called me two days ago and left me a message, so I had more faith that she was actually around.
I hadn't kown at all when I would be arriving to Chicago, so I didn't tell them I was coming. I had no way of knowing whether they had any time at all. It was just chance. So, I decided to drive norht. The sun started setting behind me and my condition didn't improve. In two hours I reached St. Joe but still had no where to go. I bought some fastfood and resigned myself to a night on the beach, if I could find one. As I drove looking for a park of some kind - the phone rang.
Please be Jamie, Please be Jamie....."Hello."
It wasn't Jamie. It wasn't Elle either. Unexpectedly, it was Anne Presecan. I haven't mentioned Anne because I myself had sort of forgotten her. Months ago we realized that we may be in the Michigan area at the same time, but the last email I recieved from her led me to believe that I would miss her, and the phone number she gave me didn't work. She had been staying in a family cottage on Lake Michigan and I had been looking forward to seein her, an old friend from Missoula, but oh well. Now she was on the phone and I wann't sur what to think. "Where are you:?" I asked, not sure whether she was back home in California now, calling to see why I missed her.
"I'm in Michigan," she said. "Where are you?"
I smiled. What a coincidence. I hadn't seen this coming. "Well, I'm actually in Michigan too."
"Really? No really, where are you?"
"Well, I am just passing through St. Joe's." I couldn't believe it. She felt so close. "Where in Michigan are you?"
"St. Joes. Oh my god! I am just up the road. What are you doing here? You've got to come over. Like right now. You're just down the road...."
And so I was. About twelve miles. She was staying right off the road on which I was already driving - one turn was all it took. A beautiful little cottage in the woods. Was her grandmother's. Amazing view over Lake Michigan. Private beach below.

I stayed with Anne for the weekend. The blueberries were in season and we ate approximately ten pounds of them. I sat on the porch or by the Lake and read. It turned out that Jamie was out of town at a music festival and didn't get my message to her until she got back - a day or two after I had left. Elie's family had arrived the same day I had. She took them to a ball game and then had to work on Sunday. I didn't get to see her either. That's how it goes. Me and Anne - we ate with some relatives, walked along the beach, danced to some bluegrass - I evn went for a swim. Great fun, and not what I was expecting.....

04 August, 2004

Home, but......

I'm home at last, but the story of how I went from Lake Superior to Lake Michigan to Knozville to Spartenburg and at last to Columbia is not normal, full of irony. ....but I am tired and it will have to wait. I made it safely at least, and it was a great ride. Loads of fun. I miss everyone.