25 February, 2009

bottom job

At high tide we moved Araby by long lines to a wall where we positioned her keel to sit firmly on submerged timbers and then secured her to the wall, waiting on the falling tide.

At low tide, at about six am, we started sanding her down, cleaned and then painted on the rising tide. Just getting the paint dry as the tide touched the keel. . . or dry enough. (Bottom paint will continue to cure underwater.)

22 February, 2009

workworkwork. . . and a vacation

Sanding and polishing stainless. That is what I am up to. The decks are coming along nicely as well. The ants seem to be over come. Though I battled a rat of a friends boat last night, to no obvious avail.

The work feels good. I had a great vacation last weekend. Went to Negros to a boat launching party. Mark has been building a Lou Lugger for 10 YEARS. Wow. It sailed. And it sailed well. A beautiful boat. Looks like a Bristol Channel Cutter. Look in my Youtube videos for a clip of it under construction last year.

The party was great. The food was delicious. Tambobo, the bay, was quiet and clean. Such a change from Drydock. And good company. Lots of fun had by all.

06 February, 2009


This is my Philippines phone number. It would be reasonable to call
with Skype, or for an emergency, or for any reason whatsoever.

philly country code +63


05 February, 2009

boat building frenchman

I met this man in a boatshop in Carmen, just across a small bay from
Danao. Much clearer I have to say. Very nice guy - and a great great
project. This is not the sort of boat you would expect a man to build
these days. Beautiful design. Check it out, and there is a nice
picture of Carmen Bay there. And a link to his last boat as well.


I wish him all the best of luck.

03 February, 2009

Mangoes. . .

. . . it is all about the mangoes, folks, big ones, yellow and
luscious. I love them. I eat one everyday.

People like to talk about Obama. "You have very good president. Say
hello to him. He is my uncle." Followed by laughter. "He is my

01 February, 2009


Everyone should sent a moment of positive thought and hope to a friend
named Mimi Dial. She is a wonderful, stunning person and she just
underwent a serious operation.

You can follow her progress at: www.mimidial.blogspot.com

Think of her and smile.