22 December, 2009

Jonas, Jonah, and John

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After a failed attempt to dock in 20+ kts of wind, this motor-cat blows into my stern and does (small) damage to my windvane. It is now in a machine shop. Perhaps it will come out like new. . . Merry Christmas to me!!

My friend Jonas made this video and it is focused on his boat at first. I am yelling, "GO GO GO GO" and you can hear a metalic snapping in the background at which time Jonas turns the camera to BRILLIG. And at which time I curse. . . pardon me. If you look at the bottom of the screen you will see the catamaran scraping along my windvane.

12 December, 2009

cell phone in S. Africa

I have a cell
skype or call me on it.  anytime.
S.Afr country code:  27......so
[+27] 711797523
that should be right

11 December, 2009

Richard's Bay, South Africa

I made port last night in a raging thunderstorm.
22 days.   Slowest passage to date.   No wind.  Tore my main'sle in half!!!   Such fun sowing it back together.  Swam with dollphins. . . while underway!!. . . that is how damned slow I was sailing.