25 February, 2005

......Strange things are afoot.
....Oedipal dreams last night
and a friend I thought was in the S. Pacific was here in town just yesterday. WOW

Strange things are happening all over.

24 February, 2005

.........and of course, there is no wind.

...but I am on a working binge this week. It feels great to be busy busy busy again. It must be sixty-two degrees. Perfect.....except.....NO WIND!!

23 February, 2005


At long last!
My driveshaft coupling has finally come—after months.
I can sail! I can sail!! At last. And the weather is so amazing right now. (As I have mentioned innumerable times.) No doubt it will start hailing tomorrow. I’ll go anyhow.

Now, I am tentative to write anything, and then be tied to it, but…..I think I have figured out a personal riddle that has dangled before me, tickled my nostrils, and itched between the shoulder blades.
I’ve been asking questions for months about my diet. I’ve had long term concerns about me sleep habits (excessive) and general health. I think I have found the key.
This key fits in many ways. I have no fridge for one. Lets leave it there and come out with it: I am going to start eating “primarily” raw food. I think I want to continue having a nice warm “cooked” meal in the evenings, but all the rest will be raw fruits and veggies.


The tests are amazing. The way cooking changes food, destroying the valuable enzymes that are, in ways, more important than calories to health and energy. I don’t know nearly enough to explain more fully, but, for me, it seems like a great direction.
Of course, I do everything in moderation. I’ll never give up Thanksgiving stuffing, icebox cake or the like, but if this diet is as cleansing as it is touted as being then I hope to break through the health and fitness plateau I’ve been on for a few years.
Warm meals are awfully hard to give up, so don’t scoff at me.

I’ll tell you how it goes. Unfortunately I’ve been stockpiling supplies like crazy. I think I may go ahead and eat them now before starting, or starting minimally. I don’t know really, but I feel great about finally finding something to give direction to the chaotic style of my cuisine.

Sailing soon. I just found a used trysail for 15% the price of a new one. Yes!!!!

It means tons that so many came and checked out my blog. Thanks.

PS - if anyone is interested in the nature of the universe, watch "What the BLEEP do we know." It's all mystical. What is really real??? Who knows.
"I am that I am" - Yahwah

16 February, 2005


After a low--a confusing time with finances, needs, and safety questions (what I need/what I want), I've gotten some great advice that is helping me through.
Also yesterday, as I was really starting to get amped up, I made a phone call that has made my month. I GOT CREW. I got a friend who is willing to go sailing for x amount of time.
This is huge. I really needed someone to come along for a while. Also it is more fun to share with someone. I couldn't be more excited than I am right now. For the first time I can really see the end, about a month away. All the last jobs are beginning and ending. The weather is begging to be sailed in. The time is coming and I can see it. I have been feeling claustrophobic, wanderlust has been nibbling at my heels. Now I know that when the jobs are through, I can actually sail. I won't have to risk doing it alone. I have someone to share with.
I am psyched.

14 February, 2005

I watched a movie were a pool hustler got both of his thumbs broken for hustling in a local pool hall.
Within a week I strained my right thumb skiing and busted the left thumb moving a heavy cast iron stove. Neither one want to heal in the slightest.


I've been writing a story. It feels good to be writing again. I am nervous about my last few expenditures on the boat. It has costed more than I intended. I need to be careful, but care on the one hand is financial responsibility, but on the other it is boat safety and preparedness.

It is all coming together though. It is really quite exciting. The days are becoming sunny.......

07 February, 2005

The Last Ride of the Sundance and other Nonesense

I have so much to tell and no time to tell it.
I've been to Montana. I skied. I danced. I went back to Goldbug Hotsprings.

I met Jack. This is the key really. I will tell more later, but Jack is important.
As I drove home from Jack's in Spokane to Port Townsend the Dancer died, a blown head gasket.
We limped to a town and Jack decided to buy another car, $600 plus the Dancer. That car got us to Tacoma where Jack was picking up a big truck, like a semi. Then the new car, a Hot Rod Lincoln, blew a head gasket. That is two blown head gaskets in two days.
Jack kept losing everything too, and policemen were all around us. We delt with seven police officers in three days - a record for sure.
Now I am sort of working for Jack. Doing what, you might ask?? I don't know. I'm working on it.

I'll give a bit more detail when I have the time. We're leaving for Tacoma to fly a plane he wants to buy.