23 October, 2005

this for that

With all the added comforts and pleasures of sharing space,
there is also a seemingly innate stress.

17 October, 2005

Great day



Yesterday was one of the "great days".  I don't think I am going to explain, perhaps I can't, or maybe it is not the time.

Let it suffice to say that these are good times and I am trying to relish them.  The sun is shining—the weather is good in all sorts of ways.   Smiles surround.

If I can find a way to make times like these come about on a semi-regular basis I will be succeeding at something.

Though, whatever it is that lies before me still does so in obscurity and shadow.

12 October, 2005

The New Roomie

Last night my new roommate arrived.
We talked late.  Years have gone by since last we saw each other, but if anything, we have grown more alike.  She is taking well to the simple life.
She is a dedicated cleaner - which will be a great boon.  And she likes to cook.  I am excited to be relived of some of my daily duties.   (She also brought two great duffles, which will need a home somewhere.)
Work has been great.  Hans has helped me to build an addition on to my bed, also opening some new stowage space.  I also have a few days off to show Genny around and help her adapt to Sausalito.
The weather remains nice, though a bit cooler.  Plans are the same.  An early November departure.
No news to speak of, excepting that which has been said.  LIfe is good.  I am looking forward to life with a roomie.

06 October, 2005

Work, work, work, work……


I work with a man named Hans.  He is a master craftsman.  He builds amazing concrete counter tops and other things.

Together we work on his boat, his girl friends yard (ripped a hedge out with the hitch of his minivan), and we also finished putting in a great big concrete bar for a seafood restaurant.   It was beautiful.

But we work a lot.  I get home late.  It is a great change.   I am tired and happy and busy.  This is the first time in well over a week I have even made it to the library.


The only exciting news is that with Hans' impetus I have conceived a wild plan to remodel the cabin of my boat.  

It could be fantastic.  It could not work.   Shortly we shall see.   At the least I am extending the bed to be more comfy.


The October weather has far exceeded Aug/Sept thus far.  Blue and sunny.   I am in heaven.  Plus, Hans "forces" me to eat out everyday for lunch.  An Indian buffet you would hardly believe.

Life is Rough, I say!

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