13 April, 2006


A note on Widge, from Jamie B:


widge is having a ball.  i miss him so much it hurts but he's really happy where he's at and it's great to see him out in the middle of 800 acres instead of cooped up in the city (i'd like to trade places with him!)  he's gotten almost blonde from laying around in the sunshine in the yard all day.  one of the guys who works for us, billy jack, agrees with me that he's the best dog ever and lets widge sleep inside his house at night (under widge's own personal blanket no less!).  that's great because my mom outlawed dogs in our house when i was a little girl.  i had some great runs with widge and we saw some spectacular sunsets.  he's having a great time hunting mice and rabbits and any other furry critters with our other dogs.  and thankfully he hasn't gained too much weight (despite the gallon of chicken stew billy jack fed him the night before i got home).  billy jack's wife is having some bad depression problems and widge has been a healthy companion for her too.  it's funny how he seems to know who needs him..... of course i feel like i need him too right now!  but it's most important that he's healthy and happy and spoiled rotten.

12 April, 2006

my mex photos


Back to Cabo


After several restful and beautiful days in Ballandra and Calleta Partida—and no wind at-all, Herbert, Tila and I have returned to Cabo.

Cabo is a sore wake up from the dream-time of Ballandra.  But we won't stay.  A day to stock up on food and water—then we'll be off.  We are rested and happy.

The trip will take a month from here, but I don't know when we will be able to make contact again.  All the same, all is well, thinking of you as always.



02 April, 2006


Leaving Monday morning.  It feels weird, sort of numb.  I'm not sure what I feel, anxious maybe.  Words aren't working and my nind can't get a good grasp either.
Just skyped for the first time--talked to Dad and Dibble.  That was rather excellent.
Boy, it will be a long time before I do this again.
I'm saving all the emails I recieved recently to read underway.  They'll cheer me incredibly.  I love all of you very much.  So thankful.