31 December, 2007


Happy New Years  all!!!
I hope you bring it in well.

For myself, I ran 18 holes, ate 2 giant salads, will finish whatever ice cream I can dig out of the freezer, and will sit contentedly with my book, a thing I have been needing to do for over a week.
Peace.  I will bring in the new year with peace.  Much needed 'round these parts.

22 December, 2007

Rest in Peace and Live Free in the Sky

Today my brother Heathy died after losing the last battle of an impossible war.
Today is a day of peace for him, remembrance for the family,
and love for all.

20 December, 2007

on "Zeitgeist"

A relative had this to say about "Zeitgeist":

I watched it tonight.  My mind is racing with question and thoughts.  Well put together movie, i like the historical back up, and music.
One question is on his  base principle of what money is.  In my mind money has value because people are willing to exchange it for goods and services.  It keeps the peach farmer from finding a tractor parts dealer who would be willing to trade parts for peaches.  The movie states "the only thing that gives money value is how much of it is in circulation".  And later saying the "areo'  will make dollar obsolete.  What do you think?
I like the presentation of the unconstitutionality of income tax.  I believe it too.  As well as the presentation of the educational downslide. 
Part 3 and 4 seemed to uncover the motivation of the film maker..for the viewer to hate the Bush family, and Fox TV.  I got the feeling it was made by CNN folks.  I am disappointed in in our TV media too (including Fox).  The are all the same at harping on the same stories and bringing you down.  They seem very bias and slanted in presenting stories, and in choosing stories to go with.  They seem to want to slant opinion, instead of telling the news.  I first noticed this in the mid 80's with my college roommate. 
The last part was especially good.  Empowerment of people can be amazing!!!!!  This may be the planet's  biggest untapped resource, and our brightest hope for the future.  Think of That my man!!!!

On "Sicko"

A friend had this to comment about Sicko and health car:

Although the sickening reality of the flick was just that, there is another side Michael neglected to tell and that is of responsible non-profit insurance companies; and yes, they do exist. Although I enjoy his films, he calls himself a documentarian and is not a true documentarian. Sometimes I am turned off by his style, but will still watch what he has developed.

I'm Home

Home.....at last.  Give a call.
cll 803.479-0754

Widge’s Adventure and Road Trip III


Since leaving Twin Falls and Jeremy, LeAnne, and family, I spent a few glorious days in Missoula with Jon, Corina, B., Knox, and Heidi.  Had a dinner at B's with classic conversation… long to be remembered.  Knox and I did a bit of climbing and cooking and storytelling.  Man it has been such a long time for us in this regard.

Heidi and I went dancing, which was  a thing I've long anticipated.  I love this woman!  Even with exams looming over her, she stayed out late and long past my highest hopes. (And she still managed A's…so haven't totally corrupted her.)

I saw Joanna Klink, a former teacher and really enjoyed catching up with her, though I missed Bob Baker, a shame there.


But soon I was off to Seattle to see Jer and Jamie and Widge.  Ah, but a surprise!  I had forgotten that Anne Presican had moved to Seattle as well.  So when I got into town I pulled into REI, Anne's current employer, and met up.  The next day we went out snowshoeing and had dinner that night with James and Jer.  The next morning—after Jer worked a full shift in the ER—we went up Snowqualamie and went backcountry skiing.

It was a stunning day. . . Widge, too old these days, had to wait in the truck.  But we headed up and found the conditions better than they might have been.  All the same, they were too much for me, where I haven't skied in. . . how many years?  So I made a bit of an ass of myself, but I was with friends.


The next morning I took Jamie to the airport (she headed to the farm to help her dad with the cows) and then continued on to Port Townsend.


As soon as I arrived I pulled into the old boatyard, parked and took Widge on a walk-about.  As we looped back to the car I saw a tall guy looking over at me.  I nodded my head to him and then noticed his queer grin.  It was only when I approached him did it all come together: this was Ozzie!  (Ozzie is an old friend and my crew from PT to Sausalito.)  It was hilarious to run into him so quickly, when really, I wasn't sure where he was these days.

We grabbed a cup of coffee to warm up (It was damn cold and rainy—standard PT weather) and then went to the dock and hopped on Aaron's boat, my old neighbor, Crusoe, and went for a winter sail.  She's a beautiful gaff rig cutter.  I was psyched, forget the weather.

That night I stayed with Ozzie and caught up on events.  The next day I found Ben and Moriah, Sonya, and others here and there.  We had a big dinner at Ben's mom's place and I felt the world revolving around me.  Man, I love this place, these people.  So amazing to be back in a place where I have changed so much as a result of it.


Soon then again I was on my way back to Missoula.  Said goodbye to Bethany.  Paid my great respect to SnowBowl with my teles and finally started acting like a skier again.  The snow was grand.  All though I planned on leaving the next day, I couldn't resist one more day on the hill, but this time with Heidi, Jon C., and Corina's snowboard on my feet.  Again the conditions were grand and we laughed our way around the mountain for most of the day.  This, to a large degree, was way I came so far.  This was what I have missed for so long.  The mountains, the snow, the turns, the friends.


But let me back up a day. . . and explain Widge's Great Adventure.


After skiing my first day, I met Heidi after work and we decided to walk to the gym and go climbing.  Heidi lived close by the U and we figured also that Widge could use the exercise.  And after all, he is a good dog and could wait in the foyer.  We'd even carry his mat so he wouldn't have to lie on the cold concrete.

We had a nice evening walk across campus.  Widge enjoyed himself.  We enter the foyer of the gym and I lay down Widge's bed and he sits on it questioningly.  Through the windows some climbers laugh.

As we enter the gym though, Widge of course rises from his mat to watch us and then a management guy tells me: No dogs allowed in U. buildings.  I explain that he isn't inside a university building, just almost inside.  But he wasn't having it and it wasn't the first time.  SO I walk Widge outside and around the corner of the gym and under a sort of overhang.  I explain we won't be long and he'd better remember his training.

Now remember Widge really hasn't been in my care for a while, and he ain't so young and spry and apparently obedient anymore.  Heidi hadn't really climbed before, so I showed her a few things and we traversed a bit and after a while I thought I'd have a look at the Old Man.

I think you see where this is going. . .

I looked through the window and his mat was empty.  Not to worry . . .I just figured he'd be waiting and peering through the front door.  But as I return to the front I see he isn't there either.

So I walk out the front and yell around a bit: "Widge…Widge…YEEWW!...Widge….Widge….YEW!"

Nothing.  Not in the parking lot, not across the street, not in the courtyard.  This would be where the first pang of fear strikes. . . as differentiated from irritation.  Where would he go?  It's dark, icy, cold, and he don't live no mo'.

At some point amid the yelling and walking to and fro I noticed the doggie tracks in the snow with the slightly dragging paws that encouraged me to think it was an older hound.  So I followed.  And on down the road the tracks led.  But eventually, the snow faded out and I was still in climbing shoes, and I'd abandoned Heidi to the wall.  I thought perhaps I should regroup, gather my forces, and head out in earnest in a tracking expedition.


As it turned out, the gym was closing and Heidi had already guessed the situation.  So redressed and told her about the tracks.  Out we went.  When the snow rematerialized the tracks were still there, heading straight along the sidewalk.  He was following the loop road around the back of campus.  It was fun crossing the streets and looking for the prints and eventually finding them.

It occurred to me sometime that although this certainly wasn't the route we had taken to the gym, we were heading back in the direction of Heidi's house.

"Coincidence. . . or Psychic Phenomena??"  (Sorry, I don't even remember where that line is from.)


So on we went, with a new glimmer of irrational hope.  What if??  We doubted that we could be gaining on him.  But so far the snow showed us fair.

It was only when we reached the turn that would take us to Heidi's house that we lost the trail, or it became confused.  Here were our original tracks and the tracks of numerous other dogs.

So it was time to go on faith.  Would he be waiting for us at home?  If not, we planned to take the van and tour around campus for a while, then call the radio station and pound, ect.

The prints never cleared.  We called again.  We were within a block.  Nothing.

Around the last corner. . . "Widge. . . "   Nothing.


He wasn't there.  The house was dark.  The doorstep empty and lonely.  This was a sore moment.  Heidi's roommate Victor wasn't even home to question.

As we walked up the street, more or less making for the van, trying to conjure the next move, I thought there'd be no harm in checking inside.  After all, Victor had left; therefore, he had gone through the front door.  Maybe he had seen Widge.

Why not?

So I open the door, with some difficulty.  Look in the darkness of the living room.  And from a spot near where I've often sat and read, a spot on the floor next to the couch, I hear a jingle and a rustle—a sort of raising up.  And there he was. . . sleeping warmly on the floor.  

The bastard!

How I love this dog!





04 December, 2007

Seek and Find

Unfortunately Zeitgeist isn't as factual as it could be either. Why can't anyone simply state things that are correct and not try to overbuild their case. Still, much seems accurate, but some of his "facts" on mythology are likely incorrect and invite skepticism. I have only begun to look into it, and it was Brian who brought this first to my attention. It may be a long process in identifying fact from fantasy.

I am in Missoula now visiting campus and friends. It is raining and a real bummer for skiing potential. But it is wonderful to be back. In a few days I will leave for Seattle to pick up Widge once more and see Jamie and Jeremy anyone else I can catch there (Anne??, Kathleen??...what about Margret??)/