22 December, 2007

Rest in Peace and Live Free in the Sky

Today my brother Heathy died after losing the last battle of an impossible war.
Today is a day of peace for him, remembrance for the family,
and love for all.


Malicious Intent said...

Just came across your site while browsing and it appeared you sailed around the world. I have a cousin who spent about 25 years on a scooner named La Papillion and they primarily stayed in St. John for many years. But they made port in South Africa, Australia, to many islands for me to remember, Ireland, making several transatlantic crossings with no electric, sails only. Then I read of the death of your brother. My condolences and wishes of peace in your heart knowing he is in a far better place than the rest of us.
Don't be thrown off by my blog name, there is an explanation for that on my blogspot. I am as malicious as a bunny rabbit. :)

Jonah said...

thanks for the kind words.....I'll keep a lookout for La Papilion. Hopefully she's still out there somewhere.