31 December, 2007


Happy New Years  all!!!
I hope you bring it in well.

For myself, I ran 18 holes, ate 2 giant salads, will finish whatever ice cream I can dig out of the freezer, and will sit contentedly with my book, a thing I have been needing to do for over a week.
Peace.  I will bring in the new year with peace.  Much needed 'round these parts.


Malicious Intent said...

Sounds like a perfect New Years to me. We sat around with the wood stove going, I crocheted, hubby read, boys played with holiday gifts, enjoyed some good food, went for a walk and they tossed a football around a bit. We prefer quiet holidays, while we may not live in paradise, we make our home "paradise" for us. Glad you enjoyed yourself.

Jonah said...

I miss the wood stove. What is more soothing than a crackling fire??
Do you live somewhere snowy? I wonder. . .