16 December, 2008

I've got a job!.....Hurray

I'll be helping a man move from Texas to the Philippines. Then
helping him move his boat there from Miami. . . .if all goes well.

Happy Holidays to all.

I am currently in Montreal with my sister, Jean Elliott. I have heard
some great music, met some fine people, seen great snow, drove through
a massive storm, read a great book. I have revitalized myself. I
feel stronger every day. I have slept so soundly, deeply. My soul is
stirring again.

Soon I'll be heading south to N.Y., Maryland and then home. Then to
Florida to check this boat, then Mobile, then Texas for work....then
hopefully the Caribbean in spring.


Anonymous said...

Congratulation Jonah. I am happy to hear that you passed the exam got a job.

Jonah said...

wow. . . . Dhundup!!! How are you? Send me an email. I'd love to hear about your world. How are you feeling???? Any improvement? it has been a long time my friend. . . a long time. Too long.