30 July, 2010

On the Road ... again

I've left Columbia for a drive back westwards. I'm looking for a home
for a while as BRILLIG sleeps in Charleston.
I am having lots of contradictory thoughts: when I was in the Atlantic
I thought I would sail on forever. But now, being on land again, I am
leaning toward a reckoning, time spent back in the mountains to see
who I am, how I have changed, and where I am going.

I have a feeling this will be the way of things for a while, a change
from the sea I mean. There are certain things I've lost in the last
few years. And I mean to regain them. (A sense of work ethic, for
For the next month I intend on catching up with some old friends and
having some serious conversations, get out into the hills and get my
legs iron'd up, and hopefully learn a bit more about the future and my
place in it.

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