06 September, 2011


Wow what a summer. I've got a story to tell; I'll tell it soon.  Anne and I had an incredible summer.  We had great trips to the Enchantments, North Cascades, Montana, Bugaboos, Leavenworth, Lake Michigan, and home again.  We had some great climbing for sure, but a lot else as well.

We've decided NOT to have a traditional wedding.  We will hopefully be married in the next week by Berg, our landlord, at home.  Haha.  I know.  We'll still have a party this next summer and a letter will come out eventually explaining all this.  But if you are reading this, then you are getting it first.

So it is back to a normal life for a time, happily.  It is great to be home.  We've had a handful of missions already, and sadly, there was a fatality on a route that we had climbed just the day before, the S.E. Ridge of Kaleetan Peak.  It was a hike up, super mellow--I am still baffled that such an accident could have happened there.

I've had a sinus infection, so I'm currently taking it easy, but otherwise the body feels good.  I've had some downtime in Michigan to heal any ailments.  No particualar goals at the moment.  Just hope to get some more climbs in before winter weather comes back 'round.

I hope to post a story of our climbing trip soon.  it is written, but long.  A link to the photos is on the right tool bar under GALLERY.  Also now posted above.  Enjoy.

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willg said...

Just found your blog by accident, but I love it! I'm going to Chile this upcoming summer to do some below the equator snowboarding, do you have any recommendations to make my Chile travel trip more memorable?