07 July, 2003

I am at a loss for inspiration. I should be quite pleased because I finished the story, but not the “posthumous writings,” of the Glass Bead Game. This has been a jewel of a reading experience. With a little support from B.B. I hope to devote an independent study to the book next year. But I am low on energy today and not in a terribly celebratory mood at the moment.

I had a computer problem which worked out – that’s good. I participated, though weak as I am today, in a fiery and profound conversation with a friend over lunch. It was unexpected, even confrontational, but since the both of us share the same desire to learn, we laughed and commented on the essential nature of the conversation and the ardor with which we fought our sides. It was one of those “fundamental” sort of arguments. Beautiful and unexpected. He thought we should have recorded it on my computer. He gave me a little mic so that when I get the software working we can.

I enjoyed more a conversation we had over dinner the night before. We defined sound, noise, and rhythm – all in terms of the creation of the universe, and noted with a smile the dualistic, creative nature which I so love to find in all things. Dualism implies unity because if two things rely upon one another then they don’t exist independently of its opposite. Therefore the dualism is a singular entity – a unity.

That’s shotty work, but just think of the yin-yang, two opposites transcending to a unity. This is the sort of thing I am encompassed by right now – or forever, as long as I can remember. Now, studying all these new disciplines, I am so happy to see my same elemental truth always there, always essential. I have found a beautiful Buddhist symbol for unity that I am captivated with as well. It is a symbol using sexuality to connote unity. Beautiful. Also, unity and solidarity is the very nature of Hesse’s Glass Bead Game.

There is a marvelous continuity to things right now. Just writing to whomever may read this has cheered and energized me. I think I will go have a piece of apple pie at the Double Dorjee.

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