23 March, 2004

Stunned and gleeful

The weather is blue and pure, some drifty clouds.
The sun is strong – everyone is reading, lying around in the grass of the oval. Frisbees and dogs. Lots of smiles. I spent my lunch break out there dreaming, loving the season.

After class today, my professor reached out her hand to me and said, “congratulations.” I didn’t know why. I sort of laughed at her: “. . . for what?”
“You’ve won the Outstanding Graduating Senior Award for the English department,” she said.

How strange.
I may even get to give a speech at graduation.

I was confused, then surprised – I had to get her to repeat herself a few times – “The Mortor Board gives them.” I don’t know who that is. I didn't know what was going on.
I walked outside and everything was quiet. It’s about five o’clock.
Holy Shit! I wanted to find someone I knew, someone I could tell. What does this mean? It sounds good. I wasn’t even going to go to graduation. My Dad said he wanted to come out and visit.

I feel a bit manic.
Who knew?
What a nice day. I need to find Hanna..

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