15 March, 2006

dauphines at dusk

Ah….what days.

Everyday after work Herbert and I sit and have slight drink of rum and watch the dolphins rise and fall as the sun drupes behind the Mogote.  The sunsets are brilliant.  Today I had trouble making back to my boat, which is a mere fifty yards north of Herb's boat.  There were so many dolphins coming up to my dinghy and swimming around it.  I could almost touch them—they were feet away.  Any time I'd see one approach I'd kick the engine into neutral (I'm borrowing a buddies dinghy, no oars).  So as I'd play with the dolphins I'd quickly drift with the current back towards Herbert, who was sitting on deck laughing at me (and taking photos).  This dinghy is tiny—I mean tiny, like six feet.  A little rubber ducky.  The dolphins were much larger than me.  It was wonderful.



I've been loving the work.   Grinding, sanding, prepping, acetone, epoxy, priming, painting.  Out in the sun all day.  Speaking in ridiculous brit accents, mocking our friends, or people we routinely hear on the VHF: "Windsome, Windsome, Exodus."   We hear this continually.  We have to play with it abit.  We laugh continually, about pretty much anything.

A week thus far.  We're almost done.  We put down the sand today, so tomorrow we put on the topcoat of paint, then it is small stuff: replace all the hardware we took off, stantions, cleats, ect.  We still need to paint the cockpit.  Oh well.  We had tons to do.


Next to my boat.  I am gonna do nonskid there as well, and the companionway hatch and tiller.  I hope my dinghy is finally repaired.  It has been forever with a hole.  I found two more in the process.

A dinghy that doesn't constantly deflate would be a great boon to morale.


My list is short, but important.  Soon I reprovision and get out of here.  The time flies.  So long as I can sit and watch the dolphins, I don't have to worry about being anywhere else.

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