30 March, 2006


Hello all.  It's been a while, I guess, though now that I am writing it seems like yesterday.

La Paz is that kind of place—a place where you fall into a sort of rhythm with things, you begin to daydream or at least separate from any conscious awareness of the time.

One day is like the next—and  it was a good day and tomorrow will be the same.  And like that nearly a month goes by.


And now here we are.  In a few days I'll weigh anchor at last and each time I drop it here forward will be further westward.  I am three drops away: Ballandra Bay, Los Frailes, and Cabo.  All day sails.  All little shakedowns.  All warm ups, practice rounds and a bit of fresh air before the plunge.

From Cabo the trip will take a month or maybe more—a month alone at sea—till I reach the Marquesas in the south Pacific.  It will be my first trip to the southern hemisphere, my first time alone for more than a few days.

Can you remember ever going a few days—or even one day—without seeing another soul, not to mention talking to someone?

I can't imagine it.  I've always had Widge to keep me company when I was in secluded climes, always a phone when I was down.  This will be different than anything I've done before.


The solitude is the most challenging part.  The sailing itself has a fare to good reputation.  I have to cross the doldrums which is a horizontal belt of unsettled high pressure, which means no wind and the occasional squall. 

Since I don't motor it will take me a while to get through.  But we pray for good steady tradewinds which should push me right where I hope to go.


Food and supplies in the S. Pacific islands are reputed as being expensive. . . very.  So I just provisioned for six to eight months, minus fruit and veggies.  It is an amazing feeling being so self-sufficient.  I have water for several months, food forever, propane for half a year, and a fair stock pile of books to fill the passing hours.



I don't know really when I'll be back in touch.  The Marquesas are far out and not terribly civilized.  I know I'll have internet in Papeete, which is some sort of capital or hub or something, but I may not get there for quite a while.

I am sailing in a sort of caravan, and if anything happens to any of us, we will email the friends and family of that person.  There are seven boats—we all can't sink….won't sink, hopefully.  (Never challenge Neptune if one can help it.)


So don't worry.  All is well.  My dad just came for a visit and even he was oddly supportive—not one negative or doubt-filled comment.  It was great. 

He saw the boat, liked it, met my friends—he saw me in me element for the first time.  I think it reassured him that things are as they should be.  (He just asked that I be careful and try not to fall off the boat.  Prudent, indeed.)


This shall do.  Again, send me some positive juice, some warm thoughts and some funny memories.  I promise I'll have all of you close to mind as the days start to wear on.

Thanks again for everything you have done.  Those memories I carry close and they help me through.

Best of luck to you in your endeavors, what ever they may be.  I'd love to know about them.  Please write me a line.

What are you doing now??  What's new?  Describe the world as it looks though your kitchen window—are the flowers out yet?

Montana, Washington, Sewanee, S. Carolina, many fine days.

Paint me a picture.


 I wish I could share with you the joy of watching dolphins swimming at dusk—I treasure it.  Everyday they come; they swim up under my boat and look up at me and squeak at me—sometimes I can even hear them through the hull of my boat when I'm below.  They are so large, so elegant and they come every afternoon.

Ah.  I love them.  They are my fondest memory of this place (though we had a fair toga party as a going away fiesta the other night…not bad).




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