20 February, 2007


I’m back. When I was running this afternoon I felt it. My blood was hot and mind was rolling over. I could feel the love of life again, the excitement of possibilities and directions. I was enthused, not distracted or overwhelmed.

So, I’m on my way. Tomorrow (Thursday) I’m hauling Araby onto the hard. I have so, so, so much work to do. I hadn’t realized. So my present course is now clear: at least a month in the boat yard. At least. The list is long, very. I was talking to a buddy about rerigging Araby with an inner forestay (extra strength) and then I went and found three broken strands on one of my lower shrouds. Time to rerig the entire boat. Good timing really. This is a good spot to do it.

The time consuming job is the painting. I need to repaint the entire boat, inside and out. I am so excited to see her all sparkly and clear. I hate seeing all this grim on her bottom and rust spots around here and there.

But the list is long and I must prioritize what must be done in the yard ($$$), what can wait, and what can I afford, like a new engine. What I am probably going to do is find or fabricate an outboard bracket so I can hang my Yamaha off the side of the boat. It may not work great, but it is worth a try. Much simpler and cheaper and it goes with my ethic.

By the time the boat is looking good again I think I’ll be ready to sail her, south I hope, Christchurch or Akaroa.

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