24 January, 2008


I am leaving Osaka on 26th of January for Cebu, Philippines, approximately 1600 miles to the south.  It should take me three weeks.  I`ll be in touch when I arrive.  Wish me fair winds.

Emergency contact:  
Dibble Manning
phone:  001 - 803 - 787 - 4352  
also check addresss in "to" column


Malicious Intent said...

OH good luck on your trip. Post some photos...would love to see where you have been.

Jonah said...

will do. just as soon as I get the chance.
and hey, I have some questions about "blog stuff" (you are the only other blogger I know) what is the best way to contact you?? using these comment boxes seems less than ideal...
I'd like your opinion of what I could improve