20 June, 2008

constant work of sailing

This is an excerpt from an email by some friends leaving New Zealand for Tonga this year.  I am going to highlight all the times they use the words "broke", "fix", "rebuild", and things of that nature.  Pretty funny--and a fine score to how sailing really is.

It was cold in New Zealand when we left.
We blew out the head sail just off the New Zealand coast. It took us 20 Day to get to Tonga, although we spent 5 days inside a reef about 300 miles south of here , as we had broken the auto pilot and the wind vane steering gear, The wind at the time was blowing with gusts up to 40 naughts,so the reef was a good place to be. although we broke the bow roller when we had to move to the other side of the reef as the wind clocked around to the south. I was able to make a good repair on that bow roller. it
is sill working, then we broke the chain in the windless , so that was another thing to fix. we tried to fix the wind vane with fiber glass , but it broke about half an hour after we left the reef.
I managed to get the electronics parts for the auto pilot from a German mister fix it , that has a shop here in Tonga, along with some
oratory about US politics , He was preaching to the quire, but it was entertaining.  When we were in New Zealand, Martine decided to rebuild the galley.

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