08 July, 2008

Very well done animation

This (as I am told) is a short film being shown before the new movie Wall-E



Malicious Intent said...

I am back finally. Computer was down for two weeks, vacation etc. Home and on-line. Looks like you been busy. How are YOU doing after all of the trauma and loss you had dished out at one time.

Jonah said...

Hey Mal -
Man, I've missed you. That isn't a complaint, however, I am so busy I can't write a sentence these days. I'm cleaning out a house that is 8,000 sq. ft. Absolutely insane. So much junk.
I've got about 30 days left before closing. Should be fine. Then I'll have a bit more breathing room. Hope to move to the farm for the winter and do some renovations before heading back to the boat.