25 June, 2009

in Jamie's words

These are some of Jamie Wood's memories of Widge.  This was the email she wrote:

hey there, i'd hoped that this day would never come but i knew that at some point i'd have to write you this email.  widge slipped away from us last night in his sleep.  i'd gotten a ticket to fly back home this week to say my goodbyes and was so sure he make it at least that long. the old man got the jump on me though.  i had a sneaking feeling that when i said goodbye to him 3 weeks ago that it was the last time.  he came full circle in a way though, and he's buried by the pond next to my folks' house at sewanee.  he'd just taken a walk over there yesterday morning to go fishing with my dad, so he was enjoying life to the very end.  

jeremy and i were running a trail today that made me think of one of my favorite memories of him (out of so many favorite memories).  it's 26 miles of trail straight through the chugach mountains and i have a picture of widge when we ran it together. he's running wide open way out in front of me with what i swear is a big smile on his face.  and after so many miles that day and swimming a cold, cold glacial river, he still had enough energy to chase a moose at the end of the day.  that dog covered a ridiculous number of miles.  i can't even begin to estimate how many, and i know he enjoyed every single one of them.  for a reason that i understand now i've been visiting the places up here that he loved the most these past few days.  yesterday i was under a peak that i remember skiing with him four years ago.  we got up to the top and i started skiing down and stopped to make sure he was coming too.  he had flipped over on his back and was sliding headfirst down a steep slope.  he buried himself in the snow of course, but managed to snorkel his way through it and catch up to me, tail wagging and ready to do it again.

  i really don't think there was ever a more eccentric, affectionate, brilliant dog, and so much of the way he was is because of you.  he was absolutely the very best running, skiing, fishing, sitting-around companion and there's a big empty spot without him.  i can't tell you how much i'm going to miss having him come up to me and butt me with his head and then flop over for a belly rub.  that little maneuver has warmed my heart more times than i could ever count.  i could keep going on and on but i've shed no small amount of tears already and i know he's chasing a squirrel in some other place right now.  maybe he'll catch it this time.  it's definitely the end of an era though and i can't thank you enough for letting me have him in my life.  you couldn't have given me a nicer gift :).  take care and even though you can't see him i bet widge is sitting beside you on your boat right now.  love, jamie


Thank you all for your thoughts and comments.  I appreciate them all.   Life in Kudat is great and I am enjoying the work and the anticipation of a good sail rapidly approaching.

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