24 January, 2010



S/V DANCYN navigating through South African shipping on our passage from Richard's Bay to Durban. This was the closest, but not the only one. It is a busy coast. Luckily there is a strong south running current, so only south-bound traffic choose to use it. All north-bound ships stay closer ashore. However, when a strong SW wind blows, it meets the current head-on and causes waves to stand straight up. This is the real cause of the terrible 'rogue waves' that South Africa is imfamous for. When sailing, we stay near the 200 Meter depth contour, which is where the strength of the current starts. If threatened by oncoming SW'erlies, you quickly sail inside of this line and the seas subside considerably. This is counter to tradition seamanship that would say, "go offshore", but not here. Stay close. But watch out for these giant ships.
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