25 July, 2005


Ah, some quality days with Jamie and old Widge. I swear, he gets younger and younger. He hasn't aged a day since Jamie's had him. In fact, he seems younger! Wonderful, I guess. He certainly can run much longer than he could a few years ago--he'd get tired running with me. Jamie runs twice as long as I do.
I think the trick is that when he was living with me he would go everywhere. He'd wake up in the morning, run to school, hang around, chase squirrels or the frisbee, run home, go for a run, ect. In short, he was awake most of the day. With Jamie being in a competitive nursing program, he stays at home or in the truck most days and simply sleeps.
Jamie thinks that he sometimes sleeps upwards of eighteen hours,, maybe twenty hours a day. This sleep allows him to run much harder and stay a bit younger, or at least that is my theory. I don't think he ever slept near so much when he was with me.

Yesterday we went for a great big run in the SW Olympics. Beautiful big old growth tress. Lots of solitude. We camped out - the first time for me in ages. I feel so fortunate to have Jamie and Widge so close. It has been years and years since I've seen Jamie on anything more than an annual or biannual basis.
Today is a limbo day..
I fly out tomorrow. Jamie is in class all day. I'd like tofind Margaret Richard, but I don't know how to get a hold of her.. (She lives in seattle and is an old friend from Sewanee.) Widge is shedding like mad so I think I will clean out Jamie's truck and some of her house. Cleaning always makes me feel productive.

I am very excited to be home. I think it will be a great time. See some faces. Eat some food. Reevaluate things. The deep breath before the plunge.

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