08 September, 2005

It is all slowly coming together.
BEN AND MARIAH are finally in town. Such fun we’ve had being all back together again. Jodi (a local) had a bunch of friends out on his boat and came and rafted up with us as we finished dinner on “Hubris”, Ben’s boat.
It feels too me like we are all old friends simply reacquainting ourselves with each other. Socially I feel so much more comfortable here. Dan, Sonya, Oscar, Jodi, Anton. Even just now a guy who works at a flower store, who used to live on his anchor, offered me his phone number if I ever needed somewhere to grab a shower. (He now lives in a marina and therefore has access to the marina facilities, facilities that they won’t let me use because I am not a tenant.)

I am finding more and more every day. I hope to secure a job soon. I am thinking of getting a phone—it is hard to acquire boatyard work without a contact number.
Things are coming along. I am happy and more relaxed than I have been in some time. I’m not being so hard on myself; I’m letting things happen at their own pace.
Which is good.

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