06 September, 2005


After a week of venturing about, finding the library, food stores, laundry mats, parks, possible jobs, friendly contacts, ect, I can’t say I have any complaints. Sausalito is fun, quaint, pretty, and convenient. It is Cali so it is somewhat expensive. But I like where my boat is—it is an easy row to shore. I have garbage facilities and everything is close. What I am lacking is a good bathroom where I can shower and shave. I may have to pay a marina for a key to one of theirs.
I acquired a bike from a friend but just found out that the bike she lent me wasn’t hers, but her roommates. Oops. She clearly didn’t ride it often.
The weather seems to be constantly breezy. Good for sailing, but makes for rather cool days. When the sun is out it is gorgeous. The lights from the city at night shine like jewels when I row home. All is splendid.

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