21 May, 2007

a little of Fiji

Been cruising around Fiji a bit, haven't even touched the surface.  My friend Anne came in from Fiji for about a week before heading back to the States--she's been living in Kiribati, some atolls, very remote, far to the north.
It is great to catch up with an old friend and wonderful also to have an old friend come aboard and go sailing for a bit.  We didn't go far, Musket Cove, but we saw clear water again, did some good hill climbs, runs, baked pizza and banana bread, watched the sun set and hoped for the mysterious "green flash".  She's leaving too soon.  She is wonderful.

But this is life.  People can't stick around forever.  I have been so fortunate.  Still, I have so much work to do after the passage here.  It was rather devastating.  Everything got destroyed it seems.  Much work now for awhile.  Hopefully until I can find some more crew.   There are many reefs around here--I would love to have an extra set of eyes.  And, as many of you know, mine don't count for much.  Anne turned out to be a fair sailor and now I am spoiled.
And, of course, my windvane is %^$&$ so I don't even currently have a self-steering.  (This will soon be remedied.)

Fiji is great.  I think of it as a Little India.  At least the main island.  I'm sure the outer islands are different.  Everyone is friendly; the land is beautiful; the weather is fair--there isn't much to complain about.

Hopefully soon I will get some emails written and sent and write up a little story of the trip and get my life sorted out a bit.  Sorry for being somewhat out of touch.

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