14 April, 2008

Family gathering at Uncle Richard's

This Saturday my brother's and I got away to go down and see my mother's family, the Holidays. It has been years since I've seen them and we've always been very close. The weather was fine and everyone showed up. My cousin Rick showed us around the place and we saw some of the biggest dogwoods I've ever seen. Rick's sister, Christy, and I paddled a john boat across the lake and up wind. Kids fished along the dike. We all admired John's fine masonry-work in building an outdoor fireplace by the shed. So we all sat and grilled salmon and ate sausages and beans and drank sweet tea. There were some great old structures on the place, including an old tobaccoo drying shed.
All and all is was a great trip out of town. Good also to have us three brothers together for a day.

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