22 April, 2008

Large countries

Some one tried to tell me that Brazil was larger than the U.S.  I thought not.  He told me to look at a map.  I told him I look at maps everyday!
Here is a list of the world's largest countries, pretty cool list.  Not what you would expect (ie--Greenland is much smaller than she looks).  Where do you think the US ranks?  Who do you think is the biggest??  The smallest??  Check it out.


On a personal note, my dad has had a great few days.  His voice is completely back.  He is walking with great confidence and stability.  He is often clear and willing to talk and be social.  He has started eating dinner with us in the kitchen, something my whole life he never done.  Very special. 
We have found a routine in the house that is working for everyone--everyone is doing a part and having time to do other things.  I have found an EMT class that I am going to take in the evenings a few nights a week.  Pretty excited about that.


Anonymous said...

He jonah, ocasionally (ow my english bad these days) I take a look here. Still positive vibes.... I looked at some of the pictures you have of Nepal (the time we were there). Question do you have pictures of the people from the questhouse? Would be nice, since i had a ruined photerole when i got back in Holland...

Greetings Johan from holland.

Jonah said...

Sorry bro, no photos from the old guesthouse. I don't know if you knew or remember ..?..?..(His name is escaping me) but I have a picture of him when he and I went to Phokara. Funny, he was the guy who first told me about blogging. I started this blog while we were there. If you clicked on the very first entry of the archives you'd probably read about us. I don't know; I don't remember, but I remember starting it there. I'll just publish it on the site.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to figure out his name and this close... I remember the name of the kook, Deepak. Might come up with more someday...
I also have a blog, but it is in dutch, so you can't read it. It's a creative expression. At the moment I'm in the progress of publishing a book of poems, there can be dept in books as well (we will always have an imagination ans the power to vision)
I hope you do well.


Anonymous said...

It's funny to read your first entries on the archive. What you wrote about me, how confused and struggling I had been. That was true. And at the time in Nepal I also suffering from a major Burn-out. I seeked a country of higher energy. You wrote I missed a mom, of wich you did have. That was true.... All challenges and possibilities (is this even proper english??) to grow.
And you recognised yourself in me, I felt that to in a way; we connected.
At the moment I am in an 'transition age'; things change in several ways an levels. Learned so much since Nepal. Funny to look back at times.


Jonah said...

It is amazing to hear you comment on things I wrote about you so long ago. I am happy that they rang true. I enjoyed going back and reading those entries as well. Feels like ages ago. I feel I see the world through the same eyes though, and that is encouraging. How about you? Sorry I can't read dutch. Especially the poetry bit. So hard to publish poetry. Congratulations. Quite an accomplishment. (And, of course, I will always love books.)

Anonymous said...

I can go back to those times aswell; to feel how I have been. It is 5 years ago, a lot has changed since then. I wasn't grounded back then. I remember you told me I saw everything in reverse. That was true, I looked from above. Hope you can understand this.
Yeah it was fun to read your blog. I could also feel, even when we were in nepal, that you had been alone for a while, maybe even growing up. Somewhat anxious, but loving new challenges. I tryed to give you a broader perspective. Hope you saw and felt that, eventhough I might have felt reversed with your feelings.
Can you remember anything of what I have told you?

My poetry: i publish the book 'myself', for several reasons.