21 January, 2006

Back to La Playa and talk of Vane Gear

Spirits are high....
Weighed anchor and motored over to La Playa anchorage for the weekend, alot closer to town there.  It is nice being back.  I haven't moved the boat in such a long time.
Been doing some good projects  and things.  I found out that if I take my hurricaine jib and fly it off my backstay, then it works to steady the boat when I am sitting on anchor.  Araby tends to "dance" or turn back and forth on anchor when the wind is blowing hard.
The "backstay' sail helps keep in nose-to-wind, and is not to much sail for the job.
I hung out with some friends at the public / police dock last night and ended up on Brian's boat until late.  Eveytime I think
about it
I can't imagine being any luckier than we are.  We are so so fortunate.
So hopefully Monday I will move my boat to the police dock and get my windvane.  Then I will need to measure and see if I can get and bend some steel tobing to do the job of mounting the vane.
Once I have the tubing bend, then the mounting.  I think it will go smoothly, but the running lines that will go to the tiller maybe really tricky to manage.
This may all sound Greek, but it is very important to me.   A windvane is such an important piece of hardware.  I am so fortunate to have found one for such a good price.
Now I am really free in a way I wasn't before.  With a windvane I can go anywhere.  I am really excited about it.

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