19 January, 2006

Still here

So I'm still here in San Diego.  That's how it goes.  Still learning, still prepping.  That's all fine.
I just made a very important deal today.  I found a windvane for cheap,
cheap being relative.
I've always needed a windvane.  It is a devise that steers the boat using the wind.  But they're
very expensive and I haven't wanted to buy a new one, and they are hard to find used,
and often not much cheaper.
But here I am...in San Diego...the last stop before heading away to lands were hardware and supplies
hard found.
The short of it is that I met a man who had made one.  It was brand new
and a replica of the best, most expensive vane.  It is a beefed up Monitor-type.
I know that will fit on my boat.  So I made the deal.
It is expensive, but it is done--I'll never need another one and now I can truly sail alone
with out the stress of the helm.
This is a very good thing.
The boat is clean and well ordered.  i am about to stock up a serious pile of food. 
 My dinghy still needs a serious repair.  But I feel great.  I am not chomping on the bit
or tearing my hair out.  I have time.
March is the time to leave for the Marquesas.  I still have time to see Mexico before I leave
for the Pacific.

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