11 March, 2008


Ah. . . some fresh air at last! Sailed with two friends down to a neighboring island called Negros. An Aussie named Nigel runs a little "resort" there, though that is not the right word. When you are thirsty you go behind the bar and get yourself a beer. When you are hungry you head to the kitchen and ask for a meal.
You pay if there is someone around. Otherwise you write your tab on a notepad and pay whenever you feeling like it. And for a change, the food is Awesome! You pay a fair price, but it is Good. The bacon and eggs and fried tomatoes was beyond price.

There are some fascinating boats in the harbour at Bonbanon. One is an old Lou Lugger, now more of a Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter. Mark has been rebuilding her for ten years. And she's magnificent. Also a great gaff Ingred which I'd sell my wife for. I rowed around the anchorage and had a grand time meeting all the boats.

A man named Fatty Goodlander came into port. Meeting him will be a meeting of consequence int he months and years to come. He spent a lot of time with me and my ears have rarely been finer tuned. Thank you Fattty, if you ever read this. I'll do my best.

After several days of trying to find deliveries and other financial opportunities I headed back by bus - ferry - bus. . . wrong bus. . . bus again. . . ect. and I arrived home twelve hours later. I let a bussy lead me astray, against my intuition, and my compass. Oh well.

Home safe. The boat is fine. I've been busy and getting a good deal done. The future is looming over me though. Time is of the essence. Which way to go??

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