30 January, 2009

funny old AT pictures

I just found these shots of me and Widge on Brian's website:
Look at old Widge!!!


There are several of these pix. You may have to go to the home page
and then into AT photos to see the rest.


My boat is cleaning up! I did the deck today. Looks a whole lot better.

I am enjoying a new sleep cycle. I want to see how long I can keep
it. To sleep at 8:30, and up at 6:30. It is the 6:30 part that i
particularly need. It is cool and fresh out. I need to get back to 6
though...that is just at day break. I've always had trouble waking up
at that hour, that is why I am skeptical I will continue to do it so
easily. So far so good.

And I must say. . . Philippine mangoes are Excellent. I eat one every
day for breakfast. They're not so sinewy as American mangoes I

I am starting to tell lies. I pretend I have a girlfriend in the
States so I will not be so regularly accosted by women. I say, "I
think one woman is enough," and they seem to appreciate this line very

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