28 January, 2009


I am home. Araby is floating. Zeke is in a good mood with me. There
are familiar faces around and then some new ones as well. I spent
most of the first day home sleeping. . . and sweating. The heat is
debilitating. Today is better. Since I slept all day and night, I
was able to get up at dawn and be somewhat productive.

Malu did a fine job in cleaning my boat. I was so pleased to come
home to hospitable, if humid, surroundings.

The only real problem is a new war: Ants. There are all these midget
ants IN MY BED. I know. . . far from ideal. I have put a fair
whooping on them and there are in retreat. Now to the store. 1- 4
year old provisions are not acceptable.

So I am throwing much away. Which is nice. Heaven's how did I become
such a packrat? I have so many clothes aboard. It is shameful.

I am dying to sail. The boat is hardly ready but it is all I want to
do. I don't care where I go. I just want to sail. And, what is
worse. . . my favorite glass boat is parked for sail right next to me.
Cheap. . . a steal. Oh wouldn't it be nice to sail her. She could
go comfortably around the Horn. She could finish the job. And she's
got a working engine!!! She's a Pacific Seacraft Mariah. Beautiful
boat. And right here. How convenient. One should always dream....

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