09 June, 2005

At Home on Orcas

A new life. Finally I am living aboard, afloat, and not paying moorage. I am moored in East Sound just off the shore were Christina's Restaurant and Vern's Tavern overlook the water southward.
I feel so relieved. All is different. The constant toil is now past. No more heavy bills from Admiralty Ship Supply or Henery's Hardware. Now it is subsistance living. Food is my only expense.
I'm taking a short-term part time job in Christina's Restaurant. I need a vacation from my vacation. (My vacation is wearing me out.) I'll work three days a week, all in a row, and sail and travel the other four. The money I'll make will help replenish what I spent int he last six weeks in boatyard.
Alsoworking and living here will have a grounding effect. When you are working on a boat it is nonstop, 24:7. It never goes away; you can't hide. There is no vacation.
Now I can afford to relax a bit. Now I am away from PT. I am away from "the scene" that was forming amongst me and the fellows heading south in the fall. It was fun, but it was confusing me. I "hung out" more than I felt I should. Somehow I was losing myself in it all, my direction, and my satisfaction. I haven't been myself.

I see now that the spring has been a real drain on me. I've been run over. My patience is low, my tolerance sensitive, and my attension short. I am far from a hundred percent. But now I feel I am on the up swing. Good things at last seem to be on the horizon.
This is about me again. What do I want and need? I have been so so distracted by women recently, sad as it is to admit. I haven't been able to get them out of my mind. Now I think I can do better.

So this is my new center for a while. Orcas Island. For a few weeks anyway. I am trying to get together a trip around Vancouver Island if I can manager some crew......

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