26 March, 2005

Been watching tons of documentories these days. Really depressing, but enlightening.
Here's my best-of list:

Bowling for Columbine (American Culture)
Hijacking Catastrophe (White house)
Unprecidented ( 2000 Election, Florida)
Unconstitutional (Patriot Act )
Outfoxed (Media, Rupert Murdock)
Orwell Rolls in his Grave (Media)

I haven't seen "Control Room" (about the media and Iraq) but heard it was great.

I also watched "Citizen Cane" which was about Hurst, the Murdock of last century. Good flick. The story that goes along with it, about Hurst and Orson Welles is even cooler.

It is rainy and nasty outside. Not doing much. But today, I'm fine with it. My go for a bike ride.

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