01 March, 2005

A novel new way to wreck a bike???
......run it over with a sailboat!

Yes, indeed. I ran over my bike, my new bike mind you, with my sailboat.
Impossible, you say? Nothing is impossible for me. If the probability is slim - for success or for utter failure and defeat - I'll draw the ace.
The bike is on ground. The boat in the water. And yet I brought my boat in to dock at just such an angle that as I turned into my slip, my shroud, a wire rigged from the top of the mast to the side of the boat, hooked around the handle bar of my bicycle, leaned against a piling on the dock. The shroud did quite a number on the headset of my bike and one of the petals (??).
The true irony of the story, if the land/sea paradigm isn't enough, is that I had been warned the day before about parking my bike there. It was illegal. I knew that. Against my better judgement I parked there anyway. When I looked at my partially mangled bike, there was a pink warning on it that it should be moved.

Yes, but the sailing was great.

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