16 March, 2005

A Roller coaster of a week

Man have I had some questions, doubts, concerns, existential crises this week. Everything has been thrown into question. I have re-evaluated everything. Is what I am doing feasible in the timeframe I am trying to do it in? Do I go it alone, like I always do? (Yes, Widge, I know.) Or is it a time for a change?

Just from a dance with someone I felt something special, rare. It was on my first trip in my boat. Is she my companion? It would be ridiculous to ponder such questions for such a chance meeting—but she feels the same way! And yet we are strangers.
So strange.

Should I wait for her to be ready to go? Should I wait for myself to be ready to go?

Actually, most of these questions are now a bit outdated. I stayed up last night staring at the fire until I figured it all out in my mind.
I have comfortable reactions to whatever my happen. First, I need to get to know Carmel. Then see how I feel.
Continue to sail and see how I feel.

Time seems to work through these matters, but I am so glad to have my mind back where it belongs.

Other than all this, I have been sailing and studying, preparing, talking, tying loose ends.
All is great. I talked to Carmel for a long time and am sort of in shock.

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