04 March, 2005

This is what it is all about. A letter from a student and good friend:

Dear friend,

                  This is first excellent mail that you have sent me ever now. I am very happy to read. I got a very good advice from you. I haven't expected this kind of mail from you. This is nature for every living people. YOu are great for me. Of Course, my future is on my hand and not for you to Ivor. You have done good for me in the past and this time you have given me very short and nice advice. I can't forget it. i can't lie to you and i don't want to cheat you. Of course you have written very nice advice. Even in next time mail, sometime write these kind of advice for me.

        When i was small age, i haven't got such a sweet advice from my family or my friends. So i was in expections. But now i know and i will carry on your advice. what lies beyond on me is lack of imagination and the nature of the world. Once again i am saying Thank you for your kind advice. Now i am stopping here. I am in India. I hope i will be here for some weeks. I want to learn computer. I spent your money to the computer course.

                This time i am very happy because of your good advice. i can't cheat or lie beyond my friend. Thank you for your kind help. Bye. take care of your health. Wish you all  the best in every step. I will pray for your success. Thank you, Your friend, ########

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